Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Wanna know what happens when the boy gets invited to a party? Or something else social happens? I panic. There's been a lot of that lately. I might be getting ulcers.

Birthday parties are basically guaranteed to cause Eli to have a reaction. Some helpful suggestions I've gotten: Just scrape the frosting off the cupcake and he can eat it! (Are you aware that to most kids, cake is just a vehicle for frosting? It's amazing, and many adults agree.) He doesn't have to help with the pinata! (Really? You tell him that.)

I'm at a loss as to what to do when we go to parties. Avoiding them would be wonderful, but he's at the age where he's making real friends. He talks about his friends constantly and keeping them apart on special days like birthdays seems cruel. But so does allowing him to watch kids gorge themselves with rainbow colored sugar while he just sits on the sidelines.

This summer, we tried to go with the flow, once. Eli ate a delicious chocolate cupcake piled high with yellow icing. It took about 10-12 hours for the reaction to start, but once it did, he wasn't himself for a couple of days. We were pretty sure this would happen, but since he hadn't had any artificially colored food in quite awhile, we weren't sure what his threshold was. Some kids can tolerate it now and then, others can't.

But things are starting to look up. Now we're able to tell him, "That red and green cupcake is going to make your tummy hurt. Maybe we can have some ice cream instead!" He's trying so hard, and I'm so proud of him.

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