Sunday, March 4, 2012

Major milestone!

Happy, healthy baby with a proud Nana!
A year ago my family went to a family wedding and after my son ate his weight in terrible food choices, we had an epiphany, of sorts.

Food affects behavior. 

Now, I can see why some of you are skeptical. It doesn't make any sense: we live in a first world country with government organizations in place to protect us from toxins and poisons on our food. We can trust the FDA... right? Well, in my humble opinion, no we can not. My beautiful, happy, intelligent, fun little boy who turns into an out of control little monster who can't control one ounce of his emotions when he eats those artificial colors would probably agree with me.

In the past year, we've survived major holidays (quite happily, I might add), had some tears and hurt feelings over some brightly colored birthday cupcakes, and spent a lot of time trying to convince friends, family, and medical professionals that we are not insane.

But, the highlight of all of this has been seeing my friends and their families find relief from sleep and behavioral issues as a result of that path our family has been clearing. It makes me feel as though I'm not crazy, like we're not just doing this as an experiment anymore.

This is our life.

My friend sent me this message on Facebook (I have her permission to share):

"3 weeks totally dye free!!! As far as I know he's had no artificial food colorings...
He's still "J" in all the full glory. Waking too often and too early, very tantrum prone too.
I have noticed a few changes. He's suddenly more verbal. I can't understand a word of what he says but he is chattering a lot more. I think the tantrums are *slightly* decreased, usually just 2 bad episodes a day now. The biggest thing I noticed is that he now eats meals. He eats a ton actually and it's impossible to tell if this is at all connected to the dietary change. He sits down to a meal and eats more than I do! He snacks all the time in between meals too- and the best news is that he's not puking it back up. I have no idea how or why this change occured but I welcome it. He had a big milestone of sorts yesterday- 5 hours without nursing! Being able to eat and keep down food is so nice. Thanks for pointing us on this path..."
I might have cried a little when I read this- I mean, wouldn't you? To know that another family is happier just makes me feel so good.

I know that this way of eating is not without its challenges... I know that. And I wish more of our family was respectful of the things we choose [not] to eat. Maybe someday it won't be this hard. Maybe they'll change their eating habits, too.

I'm just so pleased with the way this year has gone. I've learned a lot about what I put into my body, and how to nourish my children so they can be the best they can be.

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